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1ST - My Zeppelin ticket stubs and concert stories
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Here is the first time we saw them. It was a WHO concert
with a new band opening the show called
Led Zeppelin.

The show was on May 25th 1969.
The WHO kicked-Ass. Townshend smashed his guitar up. My buddy
Tom Beach ( who I went to Woodstock with 3 months later) grabbed
a piece of the Guitar.
Now you need to remember that Zeppelins first album was released about 4 months prior,
on January 12th 1969. We new who they were - which means we were Yardbird fans and knew who Jimmy Page was. Also by then there was a "buzz" about them. This was before MTV and there was no place to get info about Rock bands except Rolling Stone Magazine. The only radio station that played this "underground music"  like Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Cream, Doors, etc  was WASH a small FM station in Washington DC. On Friday and Saturday nights from 9 PM to 12 Midnight they would play this underground music. That's it, for 3 hours each night. All other radio stations were "TOP 40". It might have been Cerphe (Cerphe is a famous Washington DJ) that was the DJ.

They were incredible!!

After seeing Zeppelin at Merriweather Post about a month before I dragged another
buddy (who was also a drummer, like myself) to see them "you got to see John Bonham
and hear what he does with that right foot" I told him. What a night. Everyone was still
at the beginning of there fame and they were still "trying to make it" they all were
F---in great !!!!

In order of appearance
Buddy Guy - Great Blues Guitar
Al Kooper - Remember "Super Session" with Michael Bloomfield & Stephen Stills
Jerthro Tull - Ian Anderson was incredible
Johnny Winter - Kicked-Ass with that Texas Rock
Led Zeppelin - There 2nd album was coming out on October 22, 1969.
They were doing songs from it and I remember them doing the Lemon Song and Plant playing with the echo
created at the race track.

Go to my Laurel Pop Festival page to see photos from this show. Laurel Pop

Baltimore Civic Center
I can't remember anything about this concert.
and that my friends says it all.


Capital Center, Landover Maryland
All my photos were taken at these two shows. On may 25th I snuck down front
and found an empty seat in the middle about the 9th row.
The chick said her boyfriend was coming back and I would have to move.
" No problem but let me stay and take a few photos until he returns".
He came back about 15 minuets later. By then I had seen another seat even closer so I jumped to it.
No one said a thing and no one ever came for it. I stayed right there and shot over 500 images that night. 250 shots with
High Speed Ektachrome in one camera and 250 shots using Tri-x B&W 400 ASA pushed to 1000 ASA in the other camera.
I was so close you can read GIBSON and DANLECTRO on Jimmy Pages Guitars.

Now the Concert Photos

Led Zeppelin May 25, 1977
Capital Centre Landover, MD









Special image
Jimmy Page & his Guitars
Gibson EDS 1275 Double Neck
Danelectro Slide Guitar
Gibson Les Paul







All Photos Copyright 1975-2011 B. R.

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This was one of the most incredible nights in my concert photo taking career and this was the 4th time I had seen Zeppelin.(Concert History List). Our tickets were way in the back so I told my girlfriend Charla " stay here after the show in case I don't come back. If I find a seat down front I am going to stay there"  I snuck down front and found a empty seat in the 9th row right in the middle.When the show began I started shooting like a madman, thinking someone would come along with a ticket for my seat at any moment. Some of my contact sheets (see below) look like I was using a motor drive. Nobody ever came for the seat and I was lucky enough to get some incredible images. Over the years I showed them to friends and other Zeppelin fans but I never dreamed that Zeppelin Fans all over the world would be able to see them. So--enjoy the photos and the Midi's (music) of  the band that changed the face of Rock & Roll -- The Greatest Rock Band Ever -- Led Zeppelin.
Zeppelin contact sheet
I used these 3 frames to make the animation banner
Link to my site
Just use this banner and this URL http://www.e-RockWorld.com


Concert Stories

Hi, I love this site, how neat, reading others experiences........here is mine.....   

I was lucky enough to see zeppelin live twice, my first time was in "75", I was a 13 year old teen, just getting into music, but I knew about zeppelin, from my older brothers albums...my friend Jeff, his cousin Lori was 16, and driving and had 2 extra tickets, so we went, yes, my very first rock concert.....the coliseum just outside of Cleveland, and we sat behind the stage, halfway up...now, being just 13, the people, the things that went on, inside and outside, to say the least, I grew up a bit that night....being behind the stage, jimmy several times turned around to jam, how great it was!!.....that was my start to my concert goings thru my teens and early 20's, and was I ever spoiled the first time, come on, LED ZEP!!...   

In 1977, same coliseum, saw them again, with a really good seat.....just as good, just as powerful.....one of, or the best live rock band ever!!!!!!!!

Hi! I came across your site and saw the tickets and realized you and I each saw 2 of the 4 shows at the Capital Centre in 1977. It looks like you saw the 1st and the 3rd and I saw the 2nd and the 4th. I lived up in Thurmont, MD at the time and was 14 years old in the 9th grade at Catoctin High School. These were my first concerts! I bought a ticket for the 4th/last show on the 30th (ticket attached).However, some friends of mine went to the opening show on the 25th and came to school the next day raving about how there were so many tickets being sold by individuals outside the arena and that when the show started the prices started dropping to almost nothing because the sellers wanted to go in and not miss the concert. So, that afternoon a few of us halled it down to the Capital Centre to give it a shot.This is the second show on the 26th. Well, our older friends, with jobs, had enough money to buy from scalpers and left us 4younger guys outside. The concert started and there were no ticket sellers left. You see, we only had 16 dollars among us and that didn't get us any tickets before they were all sold. It got really quiet outside and the arena was thumping. This is a true story!!! Then, as we walked past a set of exit doors one of them opened and a guy waved us over and we told him what had happened. He asked us how much money we had and we told him that we only had 16 dollars among us. He thought about it for just a second, looked around, and waved for us to hurry in! We couldn't believe it. We went straight to the nearest portal and went in, and down and to my left was Led Zeppelin! Wow, we walked around until we found a seat here and a seat there and enjoyed my first concert and the greatest concert I have ever been to.

Danny Braswell
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Great story from Robin in Oakland

Me and my at-the-time boyfriend had tickets for the Sunday, July 25th 1977 Oakland Coliseum show. They were playing Saturday and Sunday that weekend, I decided to get the tickets for Sunday thinking that the last show would be best.
For the weeks leading up to it, a girl I worked with kept begging me to trade tickets with her. She had tickets for Saturday, but her husband couldn’t get out of work that day. I resisted for a long time, but finally took pitty on the girl and traded her; my Sunday tickets for her Saturday tickets.
Never was a better trade made!
Typically, an Oakland “Day On The Green” (I went to nearly all of them) had four or five bands. But, this was Zeppelin, who cared about anyone else? So, for this show, there was only one opening act: Rick Derringer (BOOM BOOM, get off the stage!) The Oakland Coliseum is an outdoor stadium, and that Saturday was abnormally cloudy and overcast prior to, during, and long after Derringer played. There was like, a four hour wait between Derringer and Zeppelin. At least, that’s how my memory has it, there were mind-altering influences involved, so take that with a grain of salt.
Anyway, after waiting forever, and working my way as close to the stage as physics and bodies would allow, the clouds suddenly disappeared. I’m serious, all at once. I have poor quality photos to prove it’s not just the mind-altering influences talking there……….
Then, of course, in the blinding sunshine, Zeppelin came on stage. They played for hours, a fantastic show. I’ll never forget it.
That night Bonham got drunk (shocking!) and got into a fist-fight with one of Bill Graham’s stagehands, getting himself thrown into a drunk tank for awhile. It was apparently an ugly situation and the boys weren’t in a very giving mood when they took the stage the next day (Sunday the 25th). I understand they put on an intentionally poor and short show, left the stage and a very angry audience. I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it, would have broken this Zeppelin freak’s heart.
Of course, the very next day, on July 26th, Plant’s son died. That was it, the end of the tour. With Bonham’s death before they could return to the US again, it was over. REALLY over
Many, many years later, I saw Plant and Page during their Walking Into Clarksdale tour, with Jason Bonham on drums. Needless to say, it wasn’t as magical as July 24th, 1977 was, but it was damned good. You can’t expect anyone, even Page and Plant, to live up to the greatness that was Led Zeppelin in the 70s. At that show, I was so close to the stage that I got some of Plant’s sweat on me (heavy sigh)I’d give just about anything for a ticket to November’s London show. I know, me and about a million other people!

Led Zeppelin in Vancouver

Sometime in '68 or '69, Led Zeppelin was coming as back-up for Vanilla Fudge and my buddy John and I couldn't afford tickets. The concert was at the Agrodome, used for livestock shows, and was connected to a large building with loads of stalls for cattle and horses. John and I managed to drop through an open window into a stall. Then we had to climb out of the stall. We made our way up some stairs and out on to an outside fire escape that lead up to a back door of the concert hall. We banged on the door for a few minutes and finally someone opened it. We said, "Thank God... we out to burn one and got locked out!" Dude let us in and the rest is history. Of course Zep rocked the concert and also rocked the next four times I saw them! I'll never forget that show!

My brother, Steve, and I decided to drive up to Oakland to see Led Zeppelin. We didn't have tickets, a place to stay, but we were teenagers and didn't worry about stuff like that.  So we went to the Oakland Stadium and bought tickets from a scalper, it was festival seating so no problem.   We waited by a locked gate in a 8 foot tall chain link fence that surrounded the place.  The gate was one person wide.  When the gate opened, everyone, all 50,000 of us, tried to squeeze through this gate. 
That went well.  Everyone turned into contortionists trying to fit various body parts through the opening, Steve is tall and strong and pushed his way through, I finally got through but my purse was still stuck, so I had to brace my foot against the fence and use all my body weight to get it out.  Once through the gate, everyone ran like rats from a sinking ship to get to the best spot in front of the stage.  Some people tripped and fell, some were trampled, but no one was hurt which is amazing since it was total mayhem.
Fortunately Steve is fast, so we got right in front center of the stage.  Then we all sat down and waited.  Festival seating was great fun because there were so many diversions, beach ball toss, blanket toss, drugs, weird people, jugglers, more drugs, and so on.  Everyone in front sat down all day and partied.  Just before the groups were to come on, some girls walked up and stood in front of me.  So when I stood up, I crawled through their legs and stood in front of them.  We exchanged profanities and I threatened to scratch out their eyes with my half inch long nails.  Perhaps they saw the crazed look in my eyes, because they gave up.  I was front center and going to stay there come hell or high water.
The opening act was a new, unheard of group called Judas Priest.  The lead singer, Rob Halford, was chubby with long brown hair, very unattractive.  Though when they sang a metal version of Diamonds and Rust, the Joan Baez song, I was impressed.  Rick Derringer was okay, but everyone wanted him to finish so Led Zep could begin.
Led Zeppelin was amazing.  Robert wore this dumb t shirt that said "Nurses Do It Better", but he could've worn a gunny sack for all I cared, he was awesome.  Jimmy was excellent, some have said he was too drugged out on heroin, but that's crap, he rocked.  The set lasted hours, Zeppelin always gave you your money's worth. 
We went to the second show, too, also in front row, also awesome, but it didn't last as long, due to the fight backstage.  Little did we know that this would be the last show in the USA. 

Here is  a great story from Bruce in Hawaii about a chance meeting with Plant, Bonham, and Jones in a small bar in New York city.

Hi Bruce,

I found your site via Debi's (your cousin) Most enjoyable!

I attended The WHO\Zeppelin show at Merriweather Post and Zeppelin at the Baltimore Civic Center. Interestingly enough, I didn't pay to get into either of them. Even more interesting is the fact that before finding your site, I had no recollection of Led Zep opening for The Who at Merriweather!!! I drove up to Columbia with some friends with the intention of getting in somehow (without a ticket). As it turned out, we actually found a hole in the fence surrounding the facility and we were able to get in without any trouble at all. Had a hell of a good time! This must have been after Zep had finished their set, because, as I said, I have absolutely no memory at all of them being on that bill. How very strange! (Way too many psychoactive influences back then!!!)

And then in '70, a buddy of mine and I drove up to Baltimore (from D.C.) for Zep's show at the Civic, with hopes of finding some tickets being scalped. We had no luck in that regard, so we started to walk to our car to head home.  As we were walking along one side of the Civic Center, a fire door suddenly opened, and us, along with a half dozen other freaks, suddenly found ourselves inside! Talk about "cool!" That was the epitome of cool!

As a fan, I thought you'd enjoy knowing about an "up-front-and-personal" Zep experience I had a little while later. I roadied for the band SeaTrain in '71/'72. They did a five night gig at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, in June of '72. The opening act was the Parish-Gurvitz Band from England, with former Frampton's Camel/Spooky Tooth/Gary Wright drummer Mike Kellie on traps. Kellie and I "hit it off" pretty well (possibly because of the great Colombian reefer I had with me). Anyway, we found a lot of stuff to talk about, and you know how those stoned raps can go on! On the next to the last night of the gig, a Friday, and after our final sets were over, Mike said to me, "I've got some mates who're hanging out at a bar down the street, would you like to go and meet them?" (Or, something to that effect.) He didn't say who his "mates" were, but I said "sure." So, we walked a couple of blocks down the street, to a groupie bar called "Nobody's." It was a long, narrow room full of people and smoke. Mike and I made it to the end of the place where there was a goodly-sized knot of people hovering around a long table. We worked our way up to the table, and sitting there was Plant, Bonham and Jones (along with a bevy of gorgeous young chicks)! Well, we grabbed some chairs and squeezed in with them. We spent an hour there, knocking back Heineken's and soaking it all in. I never learned for sure where Paige was, but I believe he had a thing going with some girls back at his hotel. (Zep was on tour, and they were flying to nearby East Coast gigs on their jet, and returning to NY to party and hang out. I believe they were also in the studio at Electric Ladyland - Hendrix's place - recording some tracks.) After the hour passed, the Zep trio got up, moved quickly to the front door, and into their limo heading I know not where. (Wish I could have stayed with 'em, but no invitation was made.) That was VERY COOL, too!

That's it, pal, I'm outta here!
Aloha from Maui, Bruce Wheeler

Ricks Story

In 1977 I was 19 years old, a student at the University of Cincinnati, living on the 18th floor of Sanders Hall, when the guys responsible for some incredible records came to town. Tickets were $8.50 General Admission, double the price of other concerts at that time. Outrageous, I thought, but worth it because I didn’t go to that many concerts. Couldn’t afford it. Little did I know what I was going to get for my substantial investment?

Led Zeppelin came to River Front Coliseum for two nights in April. I saw them April 20, 1977. My roommate and I went down early in the afternoon to party and get in line. With General Admission, first-in had first-choice. Two hours before show time there were 2 to 3 thousand people waiting by the doors that I was near. Without warning a Coliseum Security Guard appeared at the door to leave the building. A fan jumped up, grabbed the door, and the Crush was on for the door!

For a half-hour or more, thousands of people were trying to get through one doorway. People were pushed together with so much force that breathing was difficult – your chest couldn’t expand. The combined body heat was so hot that it made you light-headed and my clothes were completely wet from perspiration. My feet would come off the ground for minutes at a time and I would be carried in what ever direction the crowd was swaying. Eventually, I was shot through the door. Looking back at the glass doors was a mash of people pressed against it. No one that I saw was hurt. In November of that same year, 11 people were crushed to death at The Who concert at River Front. Everyone that went to both shows still says they can’t understand why, because it was so much more intense at Zeppelin. General Admission seating was history after that.

Inside I had my choice of seats. I could have been standing right in front of the stage, but after my recent experience I chose a seat. Facing the stage I was about half way back and about 10 rows above floor level on the left. The anticipation was unbelievable. No warm up band, no worthless local DJ going on and on. I don’t remember them starting that late. Probably within a half-hour of the stated show time. The lights dimmened, the crowd went nuts and the Experience was on!

With encores and all, Led Zeppelin played well over two hours – going on three that night. A few times it got so quiet you could hear yourself breathe, other times so loud that I could feel the sound waves hitting my chest and moving through my hair. The memories I have of that night have stayed with me, my entire life. Since then there has only been One Band. My roommate and I went on to see them again a hand full of times after that. Always together. Led Zeppelin’s music has always been remarkable, but unless you’ve seen them Live this is just another story.


Send me your Zeppelin stories !!


Zeppelin Links

Here is the best Documentary of Led Zeppelin I have found.
Its not one of these bullshit DVD's people put out to make a few bucks.
It goes deep into where they all came from and how "The New Yardbirds" became Led Zeppelin.

The Origin Of Species: Led Zeppelin - on Amazon

The Origin Of Species: Led Zeppelin - on eBay


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