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Tom is one of the greatest Rock and Roll collectors out there. He has agreed to let me share with all of you some of the best collection of Rock memorabilia there is.

We are just getting started so come back often !!

I met Tom in high School. I was walking down the hall when someone said. "That guy has pictures of Cream"This was in 1968 and nobody new who Cream were except us enlightened hippies. It was not played on "Radio" you had to look for it. Groups like the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Hendrix.

The Summer of 1969
Tom and I saw it all that summer !!!
Laurel Pop Festival July 11 & 12
Atlantic City Pop Festival August 1,2,3
and then this thing called
WOODSTOCK Aug 15,16,17,& 18th Monday Morning.
We stayed until Hendrix closed the show about 10 AM
Check out my 1969 Concert Ticket Stubs

Tom and Gary Talent (Springsteen Bass Player) at the house after a
Springsteen Concert at the Capital Center

Check this out from Toms Collection

Nils Lofgren ( GRIN ) at the Wheaton Youth Center in Wheaton MD.
Here is the Poster for the show signed by Nils
There is a rumor that Led Zeppelin played at the Wheaton Youth Center but I do not remember.
If you were there please let me know.

Laurel Pop Festival
Laurel Race Track Laurel, MD


July 11 and 12 1969

Inside of Flyer

Front Cover Of Flyer

Here are some photos Tom shot both nights. We were 17 year old kids with a Kodak Instamatic.
We snuck backstage and talked to the artists.

Jeff Beck

Johnny Winter (Backstage)

Jimmy Page (Backstage) with roadie

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Alvin Lee (10 Years After)

Robert Plant (Backstage)

Jethro Tull

Johnny Winter

Ticket Stubs

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