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Here are all the concerts I saw.

Bands I do not have photos of are linked to other sites I have found with photos and info.



Atlantic City Pop Festival
August 1969

Laurel Pop Festival

Rolling Stones:Saw 4x The Police Janis Joplin Traffic
Van Halen 3x Robert Palmer Rush Joni Mitchell
Led Zeppelin 5x John Prine Lovin Spoonfull Iron Butterfly
Jimi Hendrix 4x Dave Mason Frank Zappa Stevie Wonder
The Who 5x Peter Frampton Canned Heat Jethro Tull
Johnny Winter 3x Mountain B.B.King Blood Sweat &Tears
Bruce Springsteen 5x Paul Simon Jeff Beck Earth-Wind & Fire
Elton John The Byrds Chicago Genesis
David Bowie M. Jackson Stealy Dan Leon Russell
Heart Culture Club The Pretenders Ten Years after
Foreigner Nils Lofgrin Grateful Dead Procal Harum
Prince Grand Funk Jefferson Airplane Steve Miller
Paul McCartney Cat Stevens The Band Santana
Steven Stills Cindy Lauper Crosby Stills  & Nash Doors Ticket was $4

Allman Brothers
2 weeks before Duane died.

Atlantic City Pop Festival
August 1969  

Cream Eric Clapton Ginger Baker Jack Bruce

Al Dimeola with
Jan Hammer

I saw Eric Clapton with Cream, Blindfaith, Derick & the Dominos,and solo 4 Times

The Jeff Beck Group when Rod Stewart was the lead singer Leslie West-Jack Bruce & Lang


John Mclaughlin & Billy Cobham-Mahavishnu Orchestra





Baltimore Civic Center

Frank Zappa (Mothers) - Country Joe and The Fish - Buddy Miles - Ten Years After


Concert Stories

About 1976 American University had Free open air concerts on there campus. I  remember seeing Chicago and the Ojays ( For The Love Of Money).
As we were heading for the Chicago show we got lost and pulled into a neighborhood to turn around. (off course we were in a hippie van painted weird with 5-6 of us inside smoking pot) Now this was a fancy Washington area suburb with million dollar houses near American University.
As we turned around in a driveway 4-5 guys came running from the house. Then we saw 2 more coming down the hill across the street. They all had guns drawn showing there badges. Now I see 2 cars come speeding up to block me. I told everyone to relax. They had me turn off the engine and asked for my DL and Reg.
Meanwhile one of the other guys had opened the back door and said something smells funny in here. By this time they saw we were a bunch of kids and not - well who ever they thought we were. The two top agents were talking so I spoke up and said " Look man - I don't what's going on here or who might be in that house but we got lost looking for American University on our way to a concert and that's it. I'm sorry if we scared you or messed something up"
They looked at each other, said a few more things then told us to GET OUT OF HERE ! which I gladly did.
To this day I have no idea who was there, but buy the way they acted it must have been the Pres. or Vice Pres visiting someone.

Hey this is Washington

I saw The Who @ DAR Hall......... but the headliner was Herman's
Hermits........they tore up the stage, set things on fire ........ and I
"thought" the DAR said "no more ROCK".............. but your ticket stub
from 1968 proves me wrong.

Also saw Jimmy H @ the Hilton, I remember my Dad saw the review in the
Post the next day, that thought JH's performance was "sexual" ............
got a stern lecture.

Thanks........... and Happy New Year

Thomas H.

GREAT site. I was in DC too and went to the Laurel Festival. Fabulous- Edwin Hawkins Singers, Zappa, Sly, and although I’m a Zep fan Johnny Winter kicked their behind that night. Nils and I were in junior high together. I went away to a boarding school for high school. I saw Hendrix twice, once at Merriweather Post Pavilion Aug 68(?) and then in Baltimore (I think it was when we landed on the moon?). There was a BB King show up in Baltimore, John Sebastion  at the Merriweather, Temptations/Four Tops at Shady Grove, Dave Clark Five at Shady Grove, James Taylor too. Young Rascals at Constitution Hall. I’m sure there are more. No photos or ticket stubs... Just memories.

My high school was in Connecticut and we went to NYC for lots of shows, Allman Bros the night they recorded the live album (Johnny Winter was the headliner that night and kicked their butts too!!), Jeff Beck, Taj Mahal, Paul Butterfield, sitting next to Hendrix and Buddy Miles at a Buddy Guy concert at the Village Gate. The list goes on. Anyway, it’s great to relive all the memories and we probably bumped into each other once or twice at a show.
Michael Monagan

It was Blind Faith in Baltimore the night of the moon walk not Hendrix. A rich friend of my brothers actually had a small TV and we kept running back and forth to the bathroom to see the first step. I wonder when the Hendrix concert was. I know it was in Baltimore.

In NYC a friend and I went to see a show of Chuck Berry and BB King at a little club called the Generation. BB was great and Chuck was pretty lowbrow. As we were leaving the doorman said that Hendrix might come by and jam. Sure enough, he showed up and played. Janis Ian (!) was on keyboards. After a while the drummer got mad a Jimi for some reason and packed up his drums. Weird. That club was later to become Electric Ladyland Studios (I think). West 8th Street in the Village.

I went to college in Boston and saw a million more shows Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Derrick and the Dominoes (after the show there was a jam with Clapton, Joe Walsh, and Peter Green. Yikes!) And the other show right up there with Jimi a the Post Pavilion, Sly and the Family Stone at Boston College. Unbelievable, Maybe when I retire I’ll sit down and try to remember all the shows that I went to.
Keep up the good work,

Oh yeah, James Cotton at the Cellar Door. WOW. Richie Havens at the Cellar Door. Double wow.

   Checking out your site brings back so many great memories. Your concert histories from those days seem almost identical to mine.
   I went to the Jimi Hendrix show at the Washington Hilton in March 1968 when I was just 15. My parents did not even know I went. My friends, who all had tickets agreed to let me ride down with them and I hoped I could score a ticket at the door. Luckily they were still on sale at the door and I was overjoyed being a mega-Hendrix fan! We sat right in front on the carpeted floor and to this day I rate that as one of the best concerts I ever saw. As only those who actually saw Hendrix know, absolutely no one played guitar like he did and no one has since. We went to the afternoon show as there were 2 shows that day. Between numbers I kept yelling to Mitch Mitchell to throw me a stick. He finally responded , saying he needed them for the evening show. He threw us some flowers instead that my friend kept pressed in a book for years.
   I saw the Jimi Hendrix Experience again that following August at Merriweather Post Pavilion, almost the same show . Mostly tunes from the first album, that Hilton show was somehow better.Maybe the more intimate setting and the sound  of the ballroom. Softmachine opened both shows.
   I also saw The Who/Led Zeppelin show at Merriweather. I was nearly on stage when Townsend smashed his guitar and I got  a small piece. I still have it along with a couple other pieces I got at other Who shows. We got backstage that night and met the whole band. Keith Moon bumbed a cigarette off my friend. He had Moon sign the pack which he still has.
   I saw Cream in Baltimore in Nov, 1968 and then got back stage in July '69 for the Blind Faith concert. I knew the local opening band, Procreation, and they got me in. I took pictures of Clapton, Winwood and Baker that are acually quite good and got to fraternize with these heroes of mine for the evening. Since the first man ever was going to walk on the moon that same night it was a dilemma for everyone. The only TV backstage or anywhere in the Civic Center for that matter was a small black and White a security guard had brought in. We all periodically checked it out as the moonwalk time got closer, including Blind Faith.   Ginger Baker and Winwood came out and sat down in front of the small tv hoping to witness the moonwalk. I noticed Baker fumbling for a match to light his cigarette with. I quickly found one and lit it for him. Rumor had it that he would not go on until Armstrong set foot on the moon. This was taking forever so he finally had to and Blind Faith started to play at about 9:30. I ran back and forth from the stage,. where I was literally 5 feet from Eric Clapton, to the tv hoping to glimpse man's first step on the moon. I did not want to miss this historic event nor miss this great concert. I did miss the actual first step though while I was watching Blind Faith, seeing an immediate replay of it seconds later. But hey, Blind Faith missed it too! Looking back on it years later, I'm glad I did not miss Blind Faith, that being the only tour they ever did.       
     I saw some other memorable shows at the Civic Center. The Rolling Stones in 1966 with Brian Jones and the Who opening for Herman's Hermits in 1967, These were to me some of the best concerts by these bands as they never produced anything quite like them in later years.
     My family and I moved to Wilmington, Delaware in 1970 where I began my own career as a drummer and of course continued to go to great concerts in the Philadelphia area. I grew up in Timonium, MD and attended Dulaney High School.

                                                                                                Rock On!
                                                                                                        Tom Woodside

Hendrix March 10, 1968 Hilton Hotel Ballroom, Washington DC.

I recently got an e-mail from Vince F. who is the guy I went to this and many other shows with including the Beatles.
Hey BR,
The Beatles sound was pretty primitive, but it was a blast to be there.
I also remember us attending the Hendrix Concert at the Hilton. Afterwards,
as we were standing on Florida Avenue, Hendrix's limousine pulled up and the
window came down. You asked if he would give you something -- anything. He
gave you his (still lit) cigarette. Did you save the butt? Did you have it
preserved in any way?

Here is the whole story.

When we arrived at the Hilton we saw Hendrix come out a side door and get into the Limo.
There were two shows and the first had just ended. We decided that after the 2nd show we would get back to this door quick so we could get an autograph. Sure enough he came out the same door. I tried to grab his hat. ( it was the same hat you see in photos from that period with buttons and patches all over it.) They kept moving and jumped in the Limo. It took off around the corner and we thought that was that but as we walked around the corner the Limo was waiting at the red light. I ran up to his window and knocked on it. He rolled it down and I said " give me your hat" Hendrix said " man-I cant give this hat up" I said well give me something. They looked around for something to give me and Mitch said give him your cigarette. He did, the light turned green and off they went.
Pretty cool experience for a 16 year old rock and roller.
It was a Salem 100 and I kept it in a baggie for many years but alas, It got lost in the shuffle of my life.

Buy the way - this was the same door that Pres. Reagan came out of and was shot. He had just given a speech in the same Hilton ballroom.

Merriweather Post Pavilion

Merriweather Post Pavilion ( MPP) was one of my favorite places to see concerts. 
It is an open air arena with a roof  but no sides. On May 25th 1969 I saw The Who do an incredible show there. They destroyed all there equipment at the end of the show, It was great . The opening act was a band with there first album out — Led Zeppelin.

Hendrix was the Man, We all wanted to see him again. The first time was at the Washington Hilton Ballroom in D.C. on 3/10/68.

The day of the show at MPP was cloudy and are seats were on the “grass”.
This was the area behind the seats were the roof ended but there was plenty of space for blankets and people just sitting on the ground. Remember it’s an amphitheater on a big hill.

About half way into the show the rain started. Everyone rushed up to the covered part
and they let us in (as best they could). Jimi was saying “let them in” “Rainy Day, dream Away” and when the thunder started he started playing back to it with some feedback. It was great.
He was just playing with the lightening and thunder.

It was incredible !!!

    Your ticket stubs brought back some nice memories. I also saw the Beatles in '66, when I was 14, but I was totally disappointed because of all the screaming and the inferior P.A. system. ( I was behind home plate about 30 rows up). My next concert was the Doors at the Hilton Ballroom. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band opened for them (who I wasn't real familiar with), and they were excellent. If I remember correctly, after the Doors final song, there was no applause. Everyone just shuffled out of the room in a stunned reverent hush. What an excellent concert!
      I also saw Steely Dan at Shady Grove in '73. I didn't even know who I was going to see. There had been three groups with similar names come out that year - Steely Dan, Steeler's Wheel, and Steeleye Span. Luckily, I picked the right band! Blew me away. But they had a Mick Jagger-type lead singer who I didn't think jibed with the rest of the band.
Another concert that really sticks with me was Cream at Baltimore CC. What a power trio!
I have a few old stubs, including The Berlin Airlift. My recollections of that one are a little hazy!
Anyway, thanks for the memories.
Paul Hansen

A Special Thanks

A special thanks has to go to my stepbrother David Stahl.

He is a very successful Fashion Photographer in New York and was Steve (Guitar) Miller's

official photographer for many years. He is the one that got me into photography.


Without his influence there would be no Rock Photos to see.

Thanks,  Step-Broth

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