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I grew up in Bethesda, born in 1950 ,and was there for all of this what a gas...I was at the  Laurel Pop Festival , The Atlantic City Pop Festival, then I went to Woodstock.What a time ...we used to dis BR (Barry Richards) to the max I was in his studio when he broadcasted once these times were priceless Hangmen - A great band. The Ambassador....whew... we were outside in a car the night Hendrix played. My friend and old band mate Bob Ewan ( Little Bobby Radcliff) was doing the light show. He begged us to come in....We unfortunately were in no condition to go inside. It has always haunted me. Bruce Springsteen used to play the Childe Harold .A friend of mine did the sound.....was great Bands galore, I was in some....bless those still at it.. All of this is burned into any remaining brain cells, it defines me I still think about Nil's Bullet Fever whenever I hear mention of the Wizards.... . 'The Grin' was great... I played in a 'Battle of the Bands' at Wheaton youth center, went there often, no recollection of Led Zeppelin 1968  Cream , Terry Reed, Moody Blues at the Baltimore Civic Center  The Buffalo Springfield, Strawberry Alarm Clock#@#@@ with the Beach Bays %#%#  at Constitution Hall We were there to see Buffalo Springfield. The Band ....at Constitution Hall , more than once Paul Butterfield...Sea Train... Roland Kirk..many more at the Cellar Door, also...Henny Youngmen, Stomo Yomashta...Cannenball Aderly Moby Grape , Janis Joplin ,and The Chambers Brothers, Vanilla Fudge ...'The Spectrum' in Philly The Psychedelly , and more old 'band mates', Jimmy Thackery and Mark Wenner  not to mention The Root Boy' I stumbled on your site...It got me going ...there was much , much more...whew

I remember so many different avenues,


You must be about the same age as I am (56), or a couple years older. I was B-CC High School class of 1970. I went to a lot of concerts back then - but never saved any of the ticket stubs. Your site brought back a lot of memories...

I don't remember Barry Richards at WINX, but I do remember him at WHMC.
They used to have concerts on Friday or Saturday nights - either outdoor or indoor. Indoors was in a big room - for some reason I think it was the basement? We'd listen to music and smoke things. Last time I was out that way, the station was still there - out in the woods - but no longer surrounded by cows.

Remember the Alexandria Roller Rink? Went to several concerts there, but the only one I can remember was Spirit.

Pink Floyd show. We bought a case of beer to bring into the concert.
We took the beer out of the six-packs, and put them into a blanket. I grabbed the four corners, and slung it over my shoulder. The guards at the gate checked everyone for illicit beverages, but for some reason they never checked my blanket, and I waltzed on in. About 50 feet in, I lost hold of one of the corners, and all the beers came tumbling out on the ground. The guards were busy looking at people coming in - not at people already in, so we just picked up the beer, put it back in the blanket, and continued on.

We sometimes climbed the back fence to get in. It was easy - we just had to wait until someone else tried it some distance away. All the guards would go to where the other people were trying it, and that provided enough diversion that we could make it. Ah, youth.

Saw a lot of shows there. Also, my High School (B-CC 1970) commencement exercises were held there.

Steve Miller show. I think it was sold out, or we didn't have enough money. A friend said "Let's just knock at one of the (many) exit doors and see who opens it". The first couple were opened by guards. The third door was opened by an audience person, so we just walked in.

Some friends asked me to go with them to this great outdoor concert in NY. There were going to be a lot of really good bands. I asked "who are these bands?", but they couldn't name any of them. I decided that I didn't want to waste the entire weekend when they didn't even know who was playing. Doh!

MYSTERY CONSTITUTION HALL SHOW (Oct. 20, 1976) I thought it might have been the Little River Band. I found the DC-101 T-shirt with LRB on the back (yes I still have it), but that was 1977.
Sorry, no help.

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