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Welcome to my Web site!

 It was easy to get cameras in at first but as time went on and Rock became a bigger and bigger business it got harder.
It got to the point that I had to sneak the camera in hanging over my shoulder in the back with no lens on the camera body.
My girlfriend would have a lens in her purse. Somehow I always found a way to sneak down front and find an empty seat.
If someone came I would jump to another vacant seat. Many times I would find a seat that no one came for.
Then I would spend the whole show there. .We always picked out a place to meet after the show incase this happened.
Charla spent many a concert sitting by herself, but she was cool and knew I was getting some great shots.
As time went on I got very good at sneaking in my camera and being in the right spot to sneak down front.
I was lucky to
see some great concerts and take some great photos. The images were shot using a
Nikon F-2 with a 105mm and 135mm lens. I shot Tri-x B&W film pushed to 1000 ASA using Acufine and Color High
Speed Ektachrome pushed one stop. I opened the lens all the way put the camera on 125th sec. and just shot.

About 20 years ago.

A Special Thanks

A special thanks has to go to my stepbrother David Stahl.

He is a very successful Fashion Photographer in New York and was Steve (Guitar) Miller's

official photographer for many years. He is the one that got me into photography.


Without his influence there would be no Rock Photos to see.

Thanks,  Step-Broth

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