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AUGUST 15 1966

RFK Stadium (DC Stadium) , Washington DC

My Mom dropped us off. Our seats were right behind home plate about 15 rows back. The stage
was setup at 2nd base. The PA system was ,well, nothing. There were a few small speakers around
the baselines and that was it. Nothing like what they have now.

I was 13,could barley here the Music with all the screaming but there they were !!

Thanks to Vince F. and his high power connections in the US Capital for the tickets.


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Here are several versions. Then the "Release" version at the end. Notice how they speed it up.

This is from the Beatles Anthology DVD

A MUST for any Beatles fan.

When It All Started

When I was a kid my dad would tape (audio) my brother and I each year around our birthdays so we could talk about what was going on in our lives at that time.

Listen to what I brought up when I was 12 years old.

This is from April 1964

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Here is the ticket from the show I saw.
Click on the ticket to go to the BEATLE Site where I found it.

Click on the Butcher Cover to find everything you
ever wanted to know about it!



Very Rare George Harrison Interview (1988)
I put it on Youtube in 2 parts.
Part 1
Part 2


The Let It Be Lost tapes.

Check this out. Newly discovered tapes from the Let It Be recording sessions.

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Here is the proof



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This is the best interview EVER of Paul

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Meet The Beatles Paste over Cover

Bet you did not know that Meet The Beatles also had a paste over cover.




Ticket Stubs From Other Concerts I Saw

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