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Thank You Tom B. for saying " Hey BR--Hendrix & The Who are playing at some
festival in New York State next week. Do you want to Go? pop festival


Woodstock Brochure - We found a bunch of these
as we were leaving.

3rd Time seeing Hendrix and 3rd Time for the WHO


Here is the inside of the Brochure.
Check out  the Bus Ticket I bought to Harriman NY after staying in New York city for 2 days. Closest Bus stop to the show.


August 15, 16, 17, and 18th 1969

3 Days Of  Peace, Love, & Music ????

I sat In the Mud For Three Days. But it was worth it ! We stayed until Monday morning when they started wheeling out the Marshall Amps (It Was Time For HENDRIX)"Ladies and Gentleman Sha-Na-NA" What The F___ Is this . HENDRIX came on next and played until about 10:30 AM. Monday Morning,Woodstock was over!

Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie,Tim Harden, Richie Havens,Ravi Shankar,Sweetwater,Canned Heat,
Creedence,Greatful Dead,Jefferson Airplane,Mountain,Who ,The Band ,Blood Sweat & Tears,Joe Cocker,Crosby Stills & Nash,Santana, Jimi Hendrix ,Ten Years After , Johnny Winter ,Sha Na Na And others I can not remember.

Thanks  Mitch (dad) for talking mom into letting me go "It will be a good experience for him" My Dad took us to the Baltimore\Washington Parkway, gave me an extra $50, dropped us off and said "good-luck". Tom and  I  hitch-hiked to Tom's Aunt in New York City first, stayed 2 days then got a bus to Harriman NY .It was the closest town to the show. From there we hitched and walked. As we got close we came to a rise , all of a sudden people started shouting "look" as we looked across the valley you realized that the whole other side of the mountain / valley was covered with people. As we got closer we could see that it started at the bottom along a small road and a creek. It was amazing, the whole thing, from the road to the next crest was covered with people ( in the movie and in photos you can see from  the stage that the mass of people goes as far back as you can see). Everybody started running to get their as quick as possible. We could hear the music.

Nobody realized what was going to happen. That this concert would become



Front cover and 1st page of the Woodstock program. We found box's of them just sitting there as we were leaving. I took about 10 but only have one left.

Here are a few pages from the Program.



BR did not take these photos

All us hippies left lots of trash behind. I guess we had not found our political correctness yet.

The WHO near the end of there set. They started about 4 AM and the sun came
up as they were finishing.

What is there to say. This is why we went to Woodstock, to see Hendrix.This is the last time I saw him. He died about 1 year later on Sept. 18, 1970

I was 16 then I hitch hiked with 2 other friends from Washington DC. We got picked up by someone in a VW bug. I rode all the way to the concert with this freak sitting on my lap. He ended up going to Woodstock and made it in the movie. His name was Turkey and he was the one coming out of the Port a John smoking a joint. The night before the concert my buddies and me got caught jumping the fence.  To our surprise the sheriff deputized us asking us only to request anyone else coming in that night to stay off the inner turf so as not to damage it. It didn't work but we did get free admission.Anyone remember the rainstorm? We slept up in the tracks observation tower until the lightning scared us as we were sleeping on a metal floor. Yes Joni Mitchell should have realized that it was too much to ask of a crowd that large to stay quiet from her act. I heard she walked off at the Isle of Wight also. Things are still hazy from there, Orange Sunshine if you know what I mean.

Peace, Alan

I need more Woodstock stories.

Send me your Woodstock stories, photos, newspaper accounts and I will put them on the site.

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