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Did you ever hear of the

Atlantic City Pop Festival

It happened about 2 weeks before
Woodstock and has been forgotten by time.


Van Halen Fans
*Johnny Tsak Eruption Cover- Live*
This is not Eddie.
Johnny Tsak is the best Guitar player Washington DC
ever produced.
Listen and tell me what you think.

Johnny Tsak ERUPTION

Festivals and Special Concerts.
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Beatles    Woodstock   Atlantic City Pop Festival

Laurel Pop Festival    Jimi Hendrix


Hendrix Fans - FYI
Did you know that the song
on Hendrix 1st LP has a secret message at the
beginning of the song. We used a 78 rpm record player back in the
old days to hear it, but I have sped it up for you.
Just click here to play it.

Listen To Howard Stern Interview Paul McCartney.
This is the best interview EVER of Paul

Part 1        Part 2

Stern asks the questions no one else would ask.

Did you grow up in the Wash. DC area
Washington DC Rock Memories

Check this out


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A Special Thanks

A special thanks has to go to my stepbrother David Stahl.

He is a very successful Fashion Photographer in New York and was

Steve (Guitar) Miller's official photographer for many years. He is the one that

got me into photography.


Without his influence there would be no Rock Photos to see.

Thanks,  Step-Broth


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